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A.I.M. (Advanced Idea Mechanics)
A high-tech terrorist group intent upon stealing the Quantum-Bands.

A team of heroes banded together to confront menaces that no single hero could withstand. Quasar was a member for some time, until quitting after Operation Galactic Storm to head into space.

Ballantine, Kayla
Secretary for Vaughn Security Systems and Wendell Vaughn's romantic interest. Forever sealed off from this universe on the Earth of the "New Universe", she still possesses a fraction of the Starbrand.

Captain Marvel
The previous Protector of the Universe. Mar-Vell of the alien Kree was groomed to neutralize the schemes of the star-killer Thanos. He succeeded admirably, but later succumbed to the ravages of cancer and died.

Personification of death.

An evolutionary off-shoot of humanity distinguished by radical mutations from generation to generation.

Powerful servant of Oblivion.

"The offspring of Eternity, the personification of the life force of the universe. The offspring of the Cosmic Axis, around which the universe swirls and dances. The offspring of Time, the first dimension that came into being, without which no other dimension would be possible."
As an intermediary of the supreme forces of the universe, Eon has been given the responsibility to insure that conditions in the cosmos remain amenable to life. From time to time however, cosmic evil has arisen to threaten the precarious hold that life has in the universe. It is then Eon's task to appoint a champion . . . a guardian . . . a protector and develop the chosen one's knowledge, strength, and character to enable him to carry out this responsibility.

Daughter of Eon and God-daughter of Quasar, the slow assumption her parent's function and power as an intermediary of the supreme forces of the universe occupy most of her time.

An evolutionary off-shoot of humanity distinguished by near-immortality and ability with cosmic energy.

Personification of the life force of the universe.

Personification of the"infinite". Chose Quasar as her avatar against Oblivion and his avatar Maelstrom. Possessed of infinite power. The Quantam Zone and the infinite energy that the Quantum-Bands draw from there are in actuality a aspect of her and her power.

Another evolutionary off-shoot of humanity that exposed their young to a mutagenic agent at birth.

Living Tribunal
The ultimate judge of all creation and most powerful being in the universe, it is the Tribunal's task to safeguard the balance of power in the universe.

Maelstrom, the Cosmic Assassin
The child of an Inhuman and Deviant, he possessed the ability to harness and control kinetic energy. Hyper-enlarged while attempting to tap the kinetic energy of the Earth, he was thought destroyed by the Eternals and the Avengers. A chance encounter with Kronos, an ancestor of the Eternals and the reason for their near-immortaility, showed him the hierarchy of power in the universe and an opportunity.

An Eternal of Earth, Makkari has devoted his several millenia of existence to the study of speed. After sharing many adventures with Quasar, he entered the Galactic Marathon to see just how fast he was. Although winning, he became "locked" into hyperspeed and is currently attempting to slow down.

Personification of non-existence. Chose Maelstrom as his avatar, hoping that his ambitious servant would bring the entire universe under his dominion.

Operation Galactic Storm
Codename given to the war between the Kree and Shi'ar that destoyed nearly all in the Kree Empire and threatened to destroy Earth's solar system.

Project Pegasus
The U.S. government's experimental energy facility. It housed super-powered criminals for a time, but recently served as the base of the Squadron Supreme.

Alien power bands that serve as Quasar's primary weapon. They also serve as symbols of the bearers position as Protector of the Universe. See also Everything There Is To Know About Quasar's Quantum-Bands.

S.H.I.E.L.D. (Supreme Headquarters, International Espionage Law-Enforcement Division)
The world's foremost security and intelligence agency.

Squadron Supreme
A group of extradimensional super-heroes that were stranded in our dimension until returned home by the Avengers. While here they resided at Project Pegasus.

An extradimensional source of nearly infinite power. Quasar possed it for a time in his effort to return to this dimension. No longer possessing it, he used all of its energy reclaiming his Quantum-Bands.

Enigmatic cosmic being of tremendous power. Performs experiments of all varieties on a multitude of life forms (especially human) on his Laboratory World.

An ancient race devoted to cataloguing and recording events occuring in this universe. They take an Oath of Non-Interference; although, Uatu, the Watcher assigned to our sector, has broken his oath on occasion to protect the Earth.
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