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Quasar Character Database Entry
by Will Allred (02/27/199)


Name: Wendell Elvis Vaughn

Group: Avengers, Starmasters

Origin: Pittsburgh (acquired Quantum-Bands), Uranus (appointed Protector of Universe by Eon)

First appearance: Captain America #217

Known Relatives: Dr. Gilbert Vaughn (father, deceased), Lisa Vaughn (mother), Lisa Vaughn (sister)

Brief History
A rookie S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, Wendell Vaughn drew guard duty for his father's testing of the newly acquired Quantum-Bands. After seeing the previous wearer disintegrate, Wendell nevertheless donned the Bands to stave off an attack by A.I.M. Surviving the battle and gaining control of the Bands, he became super-powered agent for S.H.I.E.L.D. and eventually head of security for Project: Pegasus. Saving the Project twice from destruction only with outside assistance convinced him that he was a failure, and he resigned.

His father proposed a mission to Uranus to discover the origin of the Quantum-Bands as a way of bringing him out of his depression. Wendell agreed and undertook the four-year trip in suspended animation. Once there, he encountered Eon, who appointed him Protector of the Universe, opened his mind to the power of the Quantum-Bands, and told him of the coming threat to the universe that he was destined to face.

Quasar returned to Earth and joined the Avengers. He was later only barely able to overcome Maelstrom and save not only the Earth, but the entire universe.

He maintains ties to Earth but patrols the universe protecting all life as best he can.
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